Fairy toadstool!

I made this with my daughter the other day. She’d been collecting acorns and had found one with a little hole in. ‘Then I stuck my nail in and it made a keyhole!’ she said proudly. So I suggested we add a playdough top to it to make it into a fairy toadstool. Wonder what … More Fairy toadstool!

Vote for my book!

Last year, Barrington Stoke (a small publisher) published my book LOVE BITES. Here it is – and you have to imagine that the grey bits are actually shiny silver. It’s a very beautiful cover when you see it with your own eyes! Anyway, it’s a story about Grace and her boyfriend James. They are soo … More Vote for my book!

Bed day!

Urgh. You know when you’ve had a bit of a sore throat and you’ve been ignoring it in the hopes that it’ll go away, and it doesn’t and then you get a headache and your glands swell up to the size of plums, and you feel queasy and rubbish? well, that. so it’s off to … More Bed day!