The lovely peeps at Oxford University Press Education interviewed me during half term about Looking at the Stars, Electrigirl, which characters I identify with, how to write a 500 word story, and what inspires me creatively. I’m not quite sure why the video insists on starting at 2 mins in but I can’t seem to … More Interviewed!

Autumn update!

I’ve been terribly slack…but then, you see, I haven’t actually been writing! I KNOW. Shock, horror, etc. Thing is, I got a bit tired out, and my creative drive dwindled, and there’s no point forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t come smoothly if you just need a bit of a rest. So instead, I … More Autumn update!

Summer round-up!

It’s autumn! What happened?! I had a lovely summer, not writing a book! That feels really strange and alarming to write, but it has been SO nice having proper time off this summer. Last year I was struggling to start Jelly, and the year before I was doing a complete rewrite of Electrigirl and the … More Summer round-up!

What A Children’s Author Does and Why I’m Proud To Be One

I don’t usually write this sort of post. But a few days ago, the list of books for World Book Day 2018 was announced, and since then there’s been a LOT of discussion and rage online about it. The books for World Book Day (WBD) are the ones produced specially for the event: slim, nicely-designed … More What A Children’s Author Does and Why I’m Proud To Be One