Which Sweet Hearts girl are YOU? Quiz!

Which Sweet Hearts Girl Are YOU?


  1. What’s your idea of the perfect evening?

a) Seeing a show at the theatre

b) Going bowling with friends and having a laugh

c) Staying in with friends and having a girly pamper evening


  1. Your best mate tells you she’s going to a sell-out concert without inviting you. Do you…

a) Immediately demand why she’s being so mean and then decide to gatecrash the concert anyway.

b) Hide your hurt feelings and tell her you hope she has a really good time.

c) Ask her why she didn’t invite you and if you’ve done something to offend her.


  1. One of your friends is going out with a totally unsuitable boyfriend. Do you…

a) Take her aside and quietly explain your concerns in a tactful way.

b) Bite your lip and hope that she comes to her senses in the end – it’s not worth risking your friendship over.

c) Ask her straight out what on earth she thinks she’s doing and why she’s going out with such an idiot.


  1. There are auditions for the new youth theatre! Do you…

a) Sign up immediately and make sure all your friends do too.

b) Worry that you won’t be good enough to get in but sign up anyway.

c) Sign up when nobody’s looking in your nicest handwriting and prettiest pen. You really, really want a part!


  1. You really like a boy you see on the bus on the way to school. Do you…

a) Admire him from afar but never imagine actually speaking to him – what if it all went horribly wrong?

b) Find an excuse to sit next to him one day and begin chatting about yourself. He’ll be hooked within minutes!

c) Smile at him to see what response you get. If he smiles back, it might be worth starting up a conversation one day…


  1. Your best friend has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Do you…

a) Give her a hug and ask her round to your house for a girly evening with films and popcorn. After all, that’s what friends are for.

b) Tell her he wasn’t worth it anyway and the sooner she gets over him the better. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

c) Tell her you’ll be there for her anytime if she wants to ring or come round for a chat. It takes time to heal a broken heart. You’ll hold the tissues for her.


  1. Your mum announces that she’s having a friend round for dinner – and it’s a friend you really don’t like. Do you…

a) Tell her quite firmly you’ll be out for the evening.

b) Try to suggest they won’t want you there but end up sitting miserably with them as the friend tells you how to get your life sorted and your mum agrees.

c) Hide all personal feelings and behave impeccably. You will be the professional daughter – this friend will never guess how you really feel. It’s not worth the aggro.


  1. For your birthday you’re hoping for…

a) A new iPod and some designer clothes

b) Some new books to read and maybe a DVD of your favourite film

c) Chocolate and a really big cake


  1. What’s your worst nightmare?

a) Standing on the weighing scales

b) Being shouted at

c) Having no friends.


  1. What do you look for in a boyfriend?

a) Someone calm and cool, who’s affectionate and caring and always there for you.

b) Someone who likes a laugh and is up for going out and being a bit crazy.

c) Dreamy eyes and a sensitive nature, someone you can go walking in the moonlight with.


Now add up your points!

  1. a) 10  b) 30  c) 20
  2. a) 30  b) 10  c) 20
  3. a) 20  b) 10  c) 30
  4. a) 30  b) 20  c) 10
  5. a) 10  b) 30  c) 20
  6. a) 20  b) 30  c) 10
  7. a) 30  b) 10  c) 20
  8. a) 20  b) 10  c) 30
  9. a) 30  b) 10  c) 20
  10. a) 20  b) 30  c) 10


100 – 160

You are – FLISS

Like Fliss, you hide your feelings so as not to upset other people, even when you’re upset yourself. You’re sensitive but you try not to let it show. You hate confrontation and dealing with people who are bossy and selfish. It makes you retreat even further into yourself. You have a great imagination, however, and you have lots of hopes and dreams for the future. You love acting and the stage and all the glamour and fairytale that goes with it. People say you’re shy but it’s more that you never really know the right words to say. Maybe one day you’ll pluck up the courage to speak to that boy you like…


170 – 230

You are – VICTORIA

You’re quite lucky in life – your parents have good jobs and you don’t really worry about money. You enjoy having the latest gadgets and clothing and you like to make yourself look nice. But sometimes you feel lonely – money isn’t everything. You really value your friends because they accept you just as you are. Having high-achieving parents can put a lot of pressure on you to do well and you really appreciate being able to chill out with your mates. You’d prefer to be in the background than in the spotlight. You have quite an easy-going outlook on life and sometimes find yourself acting as peacemaker between other people. You’ve managed to prevent arguments between your friends on more than one occasion!


240 – 300

You are – MARI

For some strange reason, you keep ending up in trouble! You don’t mean to, but your mouth just runs away with you and the phrase ‘putting your foot in it’ could have been invented for you! You’re first to jump in when someone’s being unfair or mean but sometimes you’re too impulsive and it would have been better to stay out of it! You’re the life and soul of the party but deep down you sometimes feel insecure about the way you look. However you have a heart of gold and you’re the most loyal friend ever. You’d do anything for your friends and you’re the first to stick up for them.