Pearl’s secret diary

I’ve been picked for the Olympic team! I can’t believe it! My heart is still thumping like mad. I was convinced they wouldn’t pick me – I am the youngest out of everyone, after all. And I guess you could say that I’ve got more of a chance of competing in the next Olympics than some of the others – but this one is in London! Actually in my own country! I’ll never get that chance again.

I adore synchronized swimming. When people ask me why, I never know what to say. It’s something I’ve always loved. My dad used to joke that I’m half-girl, half-mermaid, I spend so much time in the water. I saw this film from the 80s the other day – ‘Splash’ – and it made me want to go get back in the pool straight away!

It still hasn’t sunk in. We only got told today. I can’t WAIT to tell my dad. He’ll be so proud! He and mum have supported me through all my training but it’s been my dad who’s done most of the driving and watching me in competitions and stuff. He’s the reason I’ve been able to get this far, and I feel like in a small way I’ll be paying him back for all the work he’s put in.

Bring on the summer and the Olympics! It’s going to be AMAZING!