Coming to a festival near you!

I’m really excited this year to be doing several literary festivals, talking about Electrigirl, and also performing with my musical author pals in our band First Draft (which was formed last year for the Wychwood Festival, thanks to organiser Barbara Pendrigh, who badgered us into it!) I’m planning my events and desperately trying to memorise … More Coming to a festival near you!


Looking at the Stars – latest awards news

It’s been a really busy few weeks: I’ve been on a deadline for a short story, I did lots of Electrigirling, and then when everything stopped, I got ill! (Natch.) In all the being-away-from-my-deskness, I haven’t properly celebrated my wonderful news: Looking at the Stars has WON an award! Thank you to the wonderful people … More Looking at the Stars – latest awards news

Crush – review

I hate recommended reading lists. You know the ones: 100 books to read before you die, 100 best children’s books of all time. I especially hate book lists for teenagers, because teenagers are as wildly different from each other as there are grains of sand on a beach. Having said all that, sometimes a book … More Crush – review