Looking at the Stars – latest awards news

It’s been a really busy few weeks: I’ve been on a deadline for a short story, I did lots of Electrigirling,LATS_final_oct2013 (2) and then when everything stopped, I got ill! (Natch.)

In all the being-away-from-my-deskness, I haven’t properly celebrated my wonderful news: Looking at the Stars has WON an award! Thank you to the wonderful people of Coventry, who voted it the winner of the Hooked On Books category in the 2016 Coventry Inspiration Book Awards! I’m really so thrilled – it’s my first EVER book award, after being shortlisted and runner-up for several other awards, so it’s VERY special!

I’ve also just heard this morning that Looking at the Stars has been shortlisted for the Hampshire Book Awards! I feel all fluttery and grateful and may have to have extra marshmallows on my hot chocolate today. Thank you Hampshire and Coventry library services for putting the biggest smile on my face 🙂


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