The lovely peeps at Oxford University Press Education interviewed me during half term about Looking at the Stars, Electrigirl, which characters I identify with, how to write a 500 word story, and what inspires me creatively. I’m not quite sure why the video insists on starting at 2 mins in but I can’t seem to … More Interviewed!

Young student wins competition with song based on my book!

A few weeks back, I ran a songwriting workshop at Didcot Girls’ School which was a huge success. The school decided to hold a competition for the finished songs, and to my utter delight, the winner (not decided by me but by the school’s Patron of Writing, Elaine Baker) was Erin Brady, with a really … More Young student wins competition with song based on my book!

Looking at the Stars – latest awards news

It’s been a really busy few weeks: I’ve been on a deadline for a short story, I did lots of Electrigirling, and then when everything stopped, I got ill! (Natch.) In all the being-away-from-my-deskness, I haven’t properly celebrated my wonderful news: Looking at the Stars has WON an award! Thank you to the wonderful people … More Looking at the Stars – latest awards news

On the Up again…!

Last time I wrote, I was in the dumps. And to be honest, the days and week or so that followed were HARD WORK. A not-very-enjoyable part of being a writer. I started the manuscript again, the one that wasn’t working. And it was SLUDGY. Very, very hard going, and kind of BORING. I BORED … More On the Up again…!

A lovely party

Last night was my launch party for LOOKING AT THE STARS, and I had SUCH a good time 🙂 So many people from different areas of my life came: ten other children’s authors eight school librarians plus assorted colleagues and children my primary school head teacher my A Level Maths teacher an aspiring writer I’ve … More A lovely party