Y7 reviews of Looking at the Stars

A teacher has studied Looking at the Stars with her Y7 class, and they have sent me some wonderful reviews! Thank you so much, Miss Brett and Hartford Church of England High School – and thank you to the fantastic Y7s for their thoughtful and beautifully-written reviews!

“I really enjoyed this book as it shows how easily your life can be changed. I enjoyed this part as it was detailed and it helped to me understand how everyone helped each other and how everyone felt. I also found the book extremely engaging because of this.” Chloe

“Jo created a collage of emotions by embracing one on each page. I cannot express the sentiments this breath-taking story has awoken in me…At the start of this anecdote I felt repelled. The substantial amount of detail surrounding the father’s death was so credible I experienced all the emotion of the event. As I read on I gained a connection with the two sisters therefore resulting in me to feel empathy whenever they experience pain. Jo Cotterill really tests peoples’ spectrum of emotions, varying from peace to chaos to romance and all the way down to tragedy. Overall this book was beautiful and I 100% recommend it. I have to say, due to Jo’s astounding writing, I was gloomy when it ended so I do hope I can read more books by Jo Cotterill or in the same style in the future.” Sian

“This book follows Amina, stepping into the intimidating reality of the real world. It is up to her to make her own decisions. A dictating group called the Kwana take control of her city and tear it apart, pulverising every aspect of its beauty. This masterpiece guides us through Amina’s journey, taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions. I would recommend this adventurous book to readers of the age of nine and beyond. I think many readers will enjoy this book as thoroughly as I did.” Hannah

“In my opinion, this book is really interesting because as soon as you think everything is going well, another surprise takes place and then will completely change the storyline. Not only does it change the storyline, it brings other ideas and questions to your mind, making you think more about what is going to happen next. This story also makes you feel sorry for the characters, as they are in a position we have not experienced previously.” Katy

“This book made me feel many various emotions however, this made me think how lucky I am to have a family. I would recommend this book to 12+ as the story-line is hard to understand also there are some hard words included… A thrilling book.” Kelsie


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