Lola’s secret diary

I can’t believe it! I am gutted, like TOTALLY. How could this happen to me? All because I didn’t fill in a stupid form, my work experience week is completely RUINED! Instead of working in beautiful shiny clean stylish offices, I’m going to be knee-deep in cat fur and rabbit hutches. How will I ever live it down with my friends? Especially after I’d been telling them what an amazing time I had lined up!

Thank goodness Naiha will be coming with me. She is SO mad her dad let her down again, but I’m not really surprised – he’s done it before. I feel bad for her because she gets her hopes up, but I’m MEGA glad she’s coming to the animal sanctuary with me. I don’t know anything about animals – at least she’s got a cat!

I just have to keep telling myself it’s only a week. Five days – that’s all I’ve got to get through. And there’s Mum’s fantastic launch party for her new perfume to look forward to, so when I’m faced with scary barking dogs (eek) I can distract myself with thoughts of a stunning new outfit. And I can plan loads of nice stuff to do at the weekend, like a makeover and a spa day and things like that.

And there’s always Samir, my boyfriend. He’s cheerful all the time, so I can always ring him from work and I know he’ll make me feel better.

Just a week, that’s all. It’s not like it’s going to change my life or anything!

Love and kisses, Lola xxx