Summer round-up!

It’s autumn! What happened?! I had a lovely summer, not writing a book! That feels really strange and alarming to write, but it has been SO nice having proper time off this summer. Last year I was struggling to start Jelly, and the year before I was doing a complete rewrite of Electrigirl and the … More Summer round-up!


You know how when you’ve been anticipating something for SO long that when it actually arrives, you find it hard to believe?! Well, that. ELECTRIGIRL IS PUBLISHED! And I have been blogging extensively about its process. If you’ve got a spare five or ten minutes, grab a cuppa and click on these… A fabulous Happy … More ELECTRIGIRL is here!!

Bunting for Baby Gregory

My husband’s sister and her husband had a baby in January, hurray! To celebrate, I made some…you guessed it, bunting! Below is the finished result. I had a lovely text from my sister-in-law over the weekend who is delighted with it 🙂 Welcome, baby Gregory!