Bunting for Baby Gregory

My husband’s sister and her husband had a baby in January, hurray! To celebrate, I made some…you guessed it, bunting! Below is the finished result. I had a lovely text from my sister-in-law over the weekend who is delighted with it 🙂 Welcome, baby Gregory!

Happy New Year!

I had a lovely Christmas and New Year with family and friends. In fact, I felt extremely lucky, as I know that due to the weather, many people were without electricity and heating over Christmas. Not to mention the homeless and those without family and good friends. I felt surrounded by affection and humour, which … More Happy New Year!

Arty flower display

I bought some lovely fairtrade roses from Sainsbury’s about a week ago. They’ve lasted brilliantly, especially considering they were only about £5 for the bunch. They opened right out and I had to remove some browning petals after a week (if you pull them out gently, the brown won’t spread and the roses last longer). … More Arty flower display

Fairy toadstool!

I made this with my daughter the other day. She’d been collecting acorns and had found one with a little hole in. ‘Then I stuck my nail in and it made a keyhole!’ she said proudly. So I suggested we add a playdough top to it to make it into a fairy toadstool. Wonder what … More Fairy toadstool!