Arty flower display

I bought some lovely fairtrade roses from Sainsbury’s about a week ago. They’ve lasted brilliantly, especially considering they were only about £5 for the bunch. They opened right out and I had to remove some browning petals after a week (if you pull them out gently, the brown won’t spread and the roses last longer). So I thought I’d do something different with them while they looked so stunning.

Roses and dead leaves - who'd have thought they'd go together so well?
Roses and dead leaves – who’d have thought they’d go together so well?

I have a large fishbowl vase which is a souvenir of our wedding day. I put a smaller vase inside it and filled it with water. Then I filled the gap between the inner and outer vase with dead leaves that my daughter collected two weeks ago (they’ve been sitting on the sideboard in a basket ever since). Then I cut the roses quite short and put them in the inner vase. Voila! I’m really pleased with the result:

Ooh, it could practically be professional! ;-)
Ooh, it could practically be professional! 😉

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