Geeks Can’t Dance (oh yes they can)

Keisha is a total science geek. She loves space, physics, engineering, chemistry – you name it, she’s fascinated by it. She’s also obsessed with boyband On The Up, whose dreamy good looks are the hot topic of her friends’ conversations. Two amazing things coincide to make one terrible dilemma. On The Up has agreed to … More Geeks Can’t Dance (oh yes they can)


I am a rock god

It’s been buuuuusy. Again! Despite my decision to take on less work this term. Not quite sure where the days are going. Since my last blog post, I’ve done events at: three schools in Chipping Norton area for the fantastic Chiplitfest Oxford Literary Festival with fellow author Cath Howe for EmpathyLab Stratford Literary Festival Bloxham … More I am a rock god