I am a rock god

It’s been buuuuusy. Again! Despite my decision to take on less work this term. Not quite sure where the days are going. Since my last blog post, I’ve done events at:

  • three schools in Chipping Norton area for the fantastic Chiplitfest
  • Oxford Literary Festival with fellow author Cath Howe for EmpathyLab
  • Stratford Literary Festival
  • Bloxham School
  • Wychwood Festival
  • St Ives Book Jam

I also had a new book published – GEEKS CAN’T DANCE – which I loved writing! Separate blog post on that coming…

But I also did something I’ve never done before and it was SUPER exciting – I played a music festival with my band FACES FALL! Look – here we are on stage at the Wychwood Festival, in front of about 200 people!

We’ve been playing together for about two years now, though the other three members, Paul, Tony and the children’s author Steve Cole have been in the band for much, much longer than that! We played eleven original songs (written by Steve and Paul) and two cover songs, and we enjoyed ourselves enormously.

I play keyboards and other random instruments and also sing backing vocals

When it was all over, we bought ourselves a festival t-shirt each because it has our band name on the back!

What a great weekend 🙂 If you’d like to hear the sort of music we play (80s-style catchy pop) then head on over to our website.

Writing-wise, I’ve just finished a first draft of a story for Oxford Reading Buddies, and some news has leaked online about my VERY EXCITING PROJECT but I’m STILL not supposed to say anything officially, so you’ll have to wait just a TINY bit longer for that…

And in the meantime, I’ve started selling my canvas paintings – but I’ll do a blog post about that too! That’s the trouble with having too much news to fit into one decent-sized blog post!


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