The Starlight Stables Gang series

In collaboration with YouTube star and equestrian influencer ThisEsme, I have written three books in The Starlight Stables Gang series. They focus on a group of four children who ride at the Starlight Stables. Our main characters are Summer, Daniel, Ellie and Jessie, and each comes from a different type of family background and with their own particular skills. The beautiful front cover and interior illustrations are by Hannah George.

The Starlight Stables Gang

Published March 2023 by Puffin

Summer has always dreamed of riding, but living with her single-parent dad on a low income means that it’s out of the question. Every morning on the way to school, she passes alongside a field with a beautiful dapple-grey mare who comes over to be stroked. Then she meets Jessie, a girl with her own pony stabled at Starlight. Jessie invites Summer along to Starlight and introduces her to Ellie, a wheelchair user with a social media obsession, and Daniel, a boy who seems very unfriendly.

The dapple-grey mare Luna is also stabled at Starlight, much to Summer’s delight. But just as she’s getting to know everyone and starting to help out around the horses, Luna goes missing. Who could have taken her and why? The four members of the Gang will have to work together to find Luna before it’s too late.

Jessie and the Star Rider

Publishing August 2023 by Puffin

Jessie, half German and half Chinese, has been riding since she was a small child. She and her pony Angus love to compete in show jumping competitions, and her friend Summer loves to cheer her on! But at Starlight, things are not going so well. The owners Jodie and Sooz need money quickly to replace a broken stable block – and if they don’t find it, Starlight may have to close.

The Gang swings into action with the idea of running a summer gymkhana and showjumping competition. And with Summer’s birthday coming up, Jessie decides to get her the best present ever.

However, things don’t go to plan, and before long, Jessie and Summer’s friendship is in jeopardy. Not only that, but Jessie’s future riding career starts to look uncertain. Jessie and her friends will need to dig deep to win the day.

The Starlight Stables Gang Book 3 (title tbc)

Publishing January 2024 by Puffin

The Starlight Stables Summer Show is over, and Ellie will be starting at a new school very soon. Even though her best friends Summer and Jessie will be there too, Ellie still can’t help but worry a little – will she be able to make friends in her own year? Will she be able to fit in? Being a wheelchair user brings its own set of problems, but Ellie is more interested in the various puzzling things that she can write in her Case Notes.

But excitement is on the horizon – news of a half-term pony camp reach the gang, and they’re all keen to attend! Along with new faces, horses and activities, there’s a mystery to be solved. Will super-sleuth Ellie and the rest of the gang be able to get to the bottom of it before the end of camp?