A great day at Faringdon Community College

On Tuesday I spent a very enjoyable four hours at Faringdon Community College, near Swindon. I spoke to the whole of Y7, in three big groups in the library, and they were all brilliant. Some great questions too! Thanks to Y7 and to Jean Hudson the librarian and Kathy Lemaire from the Oxford Children’s Book … More A great day at Faringdon Community College


My favourite words

The End. That’s what I’ve just written. OOH it feels good 🙂 I’ve been working on this particular story for a looong time, even though it’s quite a short book compared with my usual output! But it’s taken months and months to work out how to do it ‘right’, and thanks to some very clever … More My favourite words

Brilliant Burford!

I’m just back from a really really BRILLIANT visit to Burford School. Days like these are one reason why I love my job so much 🙂 I did a talk to 350 Y7 and Y8 students in the hall and felt like a proper rock star with my radio mike and screaming fans! And then … More Brilliant Burford!