Short stories for teenagers

These are short stories that are complete books. Teenagers who struggle with reading, for whatever reason, find shorter books easier, but the content is just as powerful and punchy as a full-length novel. Most of my reluctant reader books are published by Barrington Stoke and some of them are published under my maiden name, Joanna Kenrick. The top three are suitable for 10+, the rest for 12+


Love BitesFINAL

Grace is a vampire, but she’s in love. In love with a gorgeous human, James. Her sister Tara says she has to leave James – or risk their secret being revealed. But Grace is sure James will understand. What will happen when she tells him her secret?

Review from Book Walrus:  “It usually takes me at least one week to read a book, I read Love Bites in one evening so I am very happy and I hope there will another Love Bites because I will definitely be the first to buy it and to finish it because I absolutely loved this book.”

Love Bites was shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Quick Reads Award 2013


Lily’s so excited. Theo, the hottest guy in school, has asked her to the prom. She can’t wait to tell her best friend Carla. But it turns out Carla has some news too – he’s invited her as well! But instead of getting mad, they decide to get even and force him to take them both to the prom, with hilarious results. Girly comedy.




THREESCROWD_smallMolly’s been asked on two dates with two very different boys, and she can’t make up her mind who she likes best. Luckily, her best friend Ben is on hand to help her decide. But why is Ben being so picky?





tears of a friendClaire and Cassie have always been friends. Cassie believes that nothing will break their bond. But one day they have an almighty row and their friendship is thrown into jeopardy. When they next meet at a party, an event which occurs between Claire and another boy makes Cassie think she has lost her best friend for good. Does Claire need Cassie anymore and can their friendship ever be repaired?




PrintNatalie loves Will. But Will’s gay. What makes it worse is that Natalie and Will are best friends. So Will confides his feelings and confusion to Natalie while she has to hide her love for him.






mindsetwebsiteShaleem is Mark’s best mate, and the only Muslim in school. When the bombs go off, the hate starts. Will Mark stand up for Shaleem? Hard-hitting and thought-provoking.





babyfatherresized15-year-old Mickey doesn’t do responsibility. Until his girlfriend changes everything with two little words – I’m pregnant. What will Mickey do?





Mine_resizedMatt has been in love with Shelly for ages. When he finally pulls her, it’s amazing. So amazing that he doesn’t listen when she tells him to stop…Powerful story on a very sensitive issue.





PerfectresizedKate can’t believe it when Dan asks her out. They make the perfect couple, or so her best friend Shannon tells her. But then Shannon starts turning up on their dates. What is she playing at? And could she ruin everything for Kate?



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