Electrigirl series

Look out! There’s a new superhero in town: ELECTRIGIRL! Suitable for confident readers of 8 and up, this series is perfect for reading in book groups and with classes. Mixing comic strip with prose, it attracts even reluctant readers – and who can resist a superhero with an evil nemesis?



WINNER of the Fantastic Book Awards for 9-11s, run by Lancashire Schools’ Library Service 2017

Shortlisted for the Leicester Libraries Our Best Book for primary schools 2017

Shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award (Shorter Book category) 2017

Longlisted for the Leicester Reading Rampage 2017


Holly Sparkes is just your average 12-year-old, that is, until she’s hit by a bolt of lightning. Now Holly is EXTRAordinary.
Like a human battery Holly can generate a massive amount of electricity in seconds, which could come in handy if she’s ever going to solve the mystery of her best friend’s disappearance. Because when you’re dealing with the likes of Professor Macavity and her mysterious CyberSky corporation, you need all the help you can get!


Electrigirl, published by OUP, RRP £6.99, ISBN 978-0192743558


ELECTRIGIRL 2Nominated for the West Sussex Children’s Book Award 2017


The second title in an explosive new series, with a unique mix of stunning comic book style visuals, and action-packed prose.
Holly Sparkes was just your average 12-year-old, that was, until a bolt of lightning crashed into her. Now Holly Sparkes is ELECTRIGIRL!
After honing her superpowers, rescuing her best friend, and defeating the evil Professor Macavity – a holiday is just what Holly needs.
But there’s much more than sun, sea, and sand on offer in the sleepy town of Polcarrow – and when a mysterious and deadly swarm attack there’s only one person that can save the day . . . ELECTRIGIRL!

Electrigirl and the Deadly Swarm, published by OUP, RRP £6.99, ISBN 978-0192745927



The third title in this exciting series!

Our three heroes are back! In this story Holly, Imogen and Joe face invisible thieves, erratic electrical outbursts, and the possibility of someone very sinister indeed becoming the next town mayor…

Holly Sparkes returns to Bluehaven after her summer holiday to find some strange goings on. Weird green slime is oozing out of the ground, there’s been a spate of mysterious robberies, and worst of all she’s losing control of her electrifying super-powers. If she could only stop blowing things up, she might just be able to save the day . . . again!

Electrigirl and the Invisible Thieves, published by OUP, RRP £6.99, ISBN 978-0192758699


“I love the way Holly’s story remains in regular text while Electrigirl’s antics switch the format to Manga-inspired cartoons. It also makes this the perfect book for the more reluctant reader.” The Times Children’s Book of the Week

“exciting and told with a touch of humour which makes it all the more engaging” The Bookbag

“Electrigirl was such a page turner that I finished it in an evening!” Edie May, aged 8

“It’s great to have a superhero book with a young girl as the lead character.  Highly recommended!” LibraryGirlandBookBoy

“Cotterill’s narrative flies along at a great pace… Cathy Brett’s illustrations turn the narrative into comic format at key points of Holly’s power. This format works just brilliantly for those super power scenes, and those with a high level of action.” My Book Corner

“a fresh and interesting story that is perfect for the age group with just the right amount of slight danger but nothing to give nightmares” Amazon

“Holly is a great, and much needed, character: a girl who doesn’t like school much but who loves PE, who seems to have a short concentration span and engagement levels … those are usually ‘characteristics’ given to boy characters, a stereotype that is quite damaging across genders. It is so refreshing to find a book where girls who might feel this way can see themselves reflected, and for boys to see that actually it is only boys, as they keep being told. The female protagonist does not make this a “girl book” (the cover helps a lot at breaking that barrier) : the format, the action, the humour, the baddie, the sidekicks ( both so imperative to the superhero comic format)  make this an engaging read for everyone.” Library Mice