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STORM_OF_STRAWBERRIES_BPB (2)Longlisted for the Shrewsbury Big Book Award 2018

A story about differences and acceptance.

Darby is 12 and has Down’s Syndrome. She loves the strawberry farm where she lives with her family, music, and dancing. Her older sister Kaydee is the light of her life, the person she looks up to and dotes on. Kaydee has always been there for her, sticking up for her, playing games, and taking part in the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter weekend is spoiled though, by the arrival of Kaydee’s friend Lissa and the secrets she carries. Not only that, but a violent storm threatens the strawberry crops, and – more importantly for Darby – the chocolate egg hunt. Darby’s world is turning upside-down. Is her sister not the person she thought she was? Doesn’t Kaydee love her any more? Darby’s first-person narrative is interspersed with her memories, all jumbled up but so relevant to her view of the world. When Kaydee goes missing, there’s only one person who knows what to do.

A strong and tender story which turns ‘them’ into ‘us’ Miranda McKearney, OBE, Founder of EmpathyLab



WINNER of the Oxfordshire Book Award 2017

WINNER of the Stockport Children’s Book Award 2017

WINNER of the Tower Hamlets Book Award 2017

RUNNER-UP in the Berkshire Book Award 2017

Shortlisted for the Lewisham Book Award 2018

Shortlisted for the GDST Book Award 2017-2018

Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award

Shortlisted for the Haringey Children’s Book Award

Longlisted for the St Helens Schools Library Services Awards BASH2017

Longlisted for the North Somerset Teacher’s Award

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal

A poignant story about dealing with grief through the magic of reading and friendship.

Calypso’s mum died a few years ago and her emotionally incompetent Dad can’t, or won’t, talk about Mum at all. Instead he throws himself into writing his book A History of the Lemon. Meanwhile the house is dusty, there’s never any food in the fridge, and Calypso retreats into her own world of books and fiction.

When a new girl, Mae, arrives at school, the girls’ shared love of reading and writing stories draws them together. Mae’s friendship and her lively and chaotic home – where people argue and hug each other – make Calypso feel more normal than she has for a long time. But when Calypso finally plucks up the courage to invite Mae over to her own house, the girls discover the truth about her dad and his magnum opus – and Calypso’s happiness starts to unravel.

‘A story of great warmth and emotional wisdom’ LINDA NEWBERY

A Library of Lemons, published by Piccadilly Press, RRP £5.99, ISBN 978-1848125117

A Library of Lemons has been sold to the following publishers in other countries: China – Beijing Publising; France – Fleurus-Mame; Germany – Königskinder; Korea – Lime; Japan – Shogakukan; Finland – Stabenfeld; Norway – Stabenfeld; Romania – Corint; Sweden – Stabenfeld; Turkey – Timas; Taiwan – Yuan-Liou

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