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  1. Dear Jo,

    Please allow me to introduce myself as the school librarian at European School RheinMain.
    Every year I plan author visits and readings for the upcoming academic year for both – Primary and Secondary School, German and English Section.

    I am currently planning for 2017/2018 and would like to ask about the chances as well as terms and conditions for one or two readings ( Or more, in case colleagues from other schools would join).

    It usually is within our means to offer 250 (if more than one reading) – 350 EUR + travel + hotel.

    Reports about past readings at our school are to be found at

    We would be very happy to welcome you at our school and assure you of our sincere hospitality.

    Kind/Best regards
    Renate Kirmse

    Europäische Schule RheinMain
    Theodor-Heuss-Str. 65
    61118 Bad Vilbel
    Tel.: +49 61 01-5 05 66 – 25

  2. Hello Jo, Will You be doing any more book signings In Portsmouth ? My Daughter missed today when you visited her school. Kind regards Ruth.

  3. Hi it’s Lauren (from St Thomas’ FBA- do you remember me?) As I am in year six now, I’m not in FBA anymore (which is disappointing) but still love reading and writing. I’ve read the Electrigirls loads of times and want to read more of your books- what would you recommend for 10 year olds?
    From Lauren 😀

    1. Here’s the start of a story I’ve written:

      Flames burnt, surrounding the entire ancient house. I tried to leave my bedroom, but I had no hope. My family was safe but, any moment, I was to be swallowed by deadly fire. I called for Maia. I screamed for Maia. No-one called back. “MAIA!” I shouted, “MAAAIA!!!”

      I sat up and sighed. It was all a bad dream. I hated nightmares. They were horrible and made me believe that they were real, however stupid they were.

      I slipped on my pink, fluffy slippers and my purple, spotty nightgown then tip-toed past Mum’s room to find Maia’s. I slowly pushed forward the door, letting light cover the small room. The bed was empty. “Maia!” I called as I slipped downstairs, “Are you down here?” I checked the kitchen and living room until I realised that Maia’s shoes weren’t at the back door.

      I kicked off my slippers and changed into my shoes, not caring that I had no socks on. I raced through our huge garden, past many trees and flowers. I had climbed to the top of the highest trees in my garden and there were many. Soon, I saw Maia sat on a twisted tree. I loved the spiral trees that hid at the end of our ancient garden, circling around a small fountain. All was silent apart from the tinkling of the fountain and the creak as I perched beside my sister. I lay my head on her shoulder, colliding my hazel hair to her beautifully long, wavy black curls. We both stared up at the beautiful full moon which gazed down at us, surrounded by an army of shimmering stars and an indigo blue sky fronted by the silhouettes of the curvy branched trees. An owl hooted from somewhere over the hills. How I’d like to be an owl, getting to view this beauty as I flew across the sky every night. We miss so much. My big sister placed her cold, pale hand on mine. “You best go to bed, Lilly. Have you seen the time?” she hissed. “You’re awake.” I reminded her. My twelve-year-old sister took her phone out of her nightie pocket and took a photo of the moon. “That’s my wallpaper. C’mon Lilly, lets go.”
      We held hands and ran to the back door. Despite being four years apart, me and my sis have so much in common.


    2. Hello Lauren, so sorry for late reply! Well, you’re exactly the right age for my books A LIBRARY OF LEMONS and A STORM OF STRAWBERRIES, though they’re very different from Electrigirl! I’m so glad you’re still reading and writing lots – keep it up! Jo x

      1. Thanks! I’ve had a look at them and think I should get a library of lemons (once I’ve got enough money). 🙂 😀
        ❤ Lauren

  4. Thanks for recommending a library of lemons to me 🙂 my Dad ordered it and it came on Friday. I’m on chapter 12 and I’m really enjoying it! I might read a storm of strawberries next! ❤ Lauren

    1. Hello! Um…well, it isn’t in any specific place! Or in any specific time! It could be ten years ago in London or last week in Amsterdam… Sorry, that’s probably not much help, is it! Best wishes, Jo

  5. hi im doing a school prodject on you because it is our homework to do a prodject and i cant find youre age on any website could you help

  6. Hello from the IRIS Readers Society of St Johns International School, Waterloo, Belgium.

    The IRIS readers society is a group of middle schoolers who have read a preselected group of books (12 in total) and then voted on their favourite book. They wanted to contact you and let you know that the Library of Lemons won. Thank you.

    Here are some comments from the students about your book

    “The book was fun to read and I enjoyed the perspectives of those young children. The book made me appreciate my father more. Thank you” Paul grade 7

    “The book kept me on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns, Very well written” Sebastian Grade 8

    “The book was enjoyable to read because it had a good plot twist that kept me wanting to read more” Junki grade 7

    “This about a very nice and intriguing storyline. About a father who loves lemons. It engages the reader with the story. Anna Grade 6

    If you have the time to send a reply to them that would be wonderful. They are presenting the results in their assembly next week.

    Thank you

    Mrs Ebbs
    MHS LIbrary

  7. Just wandered here to see if you had plans for a fourth Electrigirl book? My daughter Holly has just finished the third and has this morning taken the second to reread at school. She loved them. Thanks!

    1. Hi Colin and Holly (good name!) – I hate to tell you but there are no plans for a fourth Electrigirl book…I’m so sorry! I have loved working on them, and I had lots of ideas for future books, but my publisher felt that three was enough. I have lots of other books that Holly might like, but if she’s desperate for more action-packed prose/comic-style books, my pal Steve Cole wrote a book called MAGIC INK which works in a similar sort of way. And my 10yo daughter is a huge fan of a comic book series called PHOEBE AND HER UNICORN which is very, very funny! Jo x

  8. Hi Jo! Happy New Year! We are so excited to have you visit us for a creative writing workshop! My Year 6 class are beginning to read ‘Jelly’ this term and are already full of questions about writing and your books! Hope to send you a few letters and items before your visit from the children to give you a flavour of our fantastic bunch of Year 6 children we have this year. We look forward to meeting you at Baschurch Primary School in March!
    Thank you Claire Kovach

    1. Hi Claire, how exciting! I’m really looking forward to coming to Baschurch! Have you come across the site I built especially for Jelly? You can find it at and it has LOADS of extra stuff the children might like, along with very comprehensive teaching ideas if you want them! See you in March 🙂 Jo x

  9. Hi Jo
    We are two students at Hautes Capelles primary and were all excited to see you and get some sneak peeks at your books . if you dont mind we will ask some questions . 1, what is youre favourite book you published ? 2. we have seen that you love strictly come dancing whats youre favourite dance to do and who would you love to do it with (male dancer) ? also whats youre favourite flavour cake mine is a vanilla cheese cake and hers is chocolate cake
    thank you for your time sincerely phoenix and emelia.

    1. Hi Phoenix and Emelia! I’m so excited to come to Guernsey next week! I believe I’ll be seeing you on Friday 🙂 Excellent questions; here are my answers. 1. My favourite book that I’ve published is probably Looking at the Stars (for ages 11+) because it was the first time I’d attempted something on an epic scale and it felt very personal while I was writing it (the main character Amina is very like me!). My second favourite book is Electrigirl because it was SO MUCH FUN to work on with illustrator Cathy Brett! 2. My favourite dance on Strictly is probably the tango. (My least favourite is the samba.) I would dance with KEVIN FROM GRIMSBY because he’s adorable ♥ 3. My favourite flavour cake is chocolate, always always. Though if you add in cherries as well, and maybe some fresh cream…oooh. Or fudge. But basically chocolate. Always.
      See you next week! Jo x

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