Brilliant Burford!

I’m just back from a really really BRILLIANT visit to Burford School. Days like these are one reason why I love my job so much 🙂 I did a talk to 350 Y7 and Y8 students in the hall and felt like a proper rock star with my radio mike and screaming fans!

I'm the tiny one in the middle, wearing the same colour as the school uniform! (note to self: next time wear RED!)
I’m the tiny one in the middle, wearing the same colour as the school uniform! (note to self: next time wear RED!)

And then I did a two-hour workshop with 30 talented writers from Y7 and Y8 in the library. They were FANTASTIC. We did an exercise where they had to come up with a title and a blurb for a picture. Here are just a few of the amazing results:



When Charlucityla is cursed by the nightmare man, only three can save her from her doom and bring back her magical dreams.

Will they succeed?





John Lloyd is an eager inventor, but an experiment gone wrong could affect his and his daughter Anna’s life forever, as well as the entire population of Earth.

He must sacrifice his daughter to save the world from the Mechanical Eye, but will his love for his daughter get in the way?





“Amazing story: I couldn’t put it down” THE WEEKLY BIN

The cow field is in trouble. All the bad people are dumping their flammable liquids and materials, so it only takes one cigarette to…





Aren’t they cool? I would happily read all three of those stories! And then everyone produced these simply AMAZING stories based on Looking at the Stars, and I nearly cried, they were so brilliant. You guys are AWESOME!

Huge thanks to Lynne and Rachel in the library, Sara from Madhatters Bookshop and to Burford School for having me over to do my crazy stuff. Can’t wait to come back again!


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