World Book Week starts here!

It’s World Book Day on Thursday, hurray! And I, like many other authors, am visiting schools this week to enthuse kids about stories and books. I started my week this morning at Edward Feild School in Kidlington, where my Y1 class came up with some fantastic story ideas based on pictures of forests and woods. I’m hoping to pop back on Friday to see what they’ve come up with in my absence!

Me sharing some of the cover design ideas from the Y1 kids
Me sharing some of the cover design ideas from the Y1 kids

Tomorrow I’m off to Burford High School, and I shall also be visiting Didcot Girls and Henry Box schools this week. How exciting! I’m just trying to make sure I’ve got everything ready: pens, my Powerpoint presentation on a USB stick, my name badge, my notes, my badges, my postcards, my extra resources for a workshop, my bottle of water…aaargh! What’s the betting I’ll forget my house keys? 😉


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