Geeks Can’t Dance (oh yes they can)

Keisha is a total science geek. She loves space, physics, engineering, chemistry – you name it, she’s fascinated by it. She’s also obsessed with boyband On The Up, whose dreamy good looks are the hot topic of her friends’ conversations.

Two amazing things coincide to make one terrible dilemma.

On The Up has agreed to come and play at Keisha’s school disco! But the students have to raise enough money to pay for the band. Keisha and her friends immediately sign up to help with the fundraising.

The Space Agency NASA is holding a competition in which the winner will get an all-expenses-paid trip to NASA itself! All Keisha has to do is create a one-minute video explaining a science theory.

But there are only so many hours in the day, and Keisha soon discovers she can’t do both.

If she drops the fundraising, her friends will never speak to her again. If she drops the science competition, she could be throwing away the chance of a lifetime.

Which is the right decision to make?

Aimed at able Y5 and 6 readers, this book contains lots of black-and-white illustrations and runs to 96 pages. My 10-year-old daughter enjoyed it hugely, which you might think was a given, but she’s a harsh critic!

Available now online, from and from bookshops (if you give them the ISBN 9780198421191 to order in.)


2 thoughts on “Geeks Can’t Dance (oh yes they can)

  1. Hi Jo,
    Firstly- Thankyou so much. My daughter who has just turned 10, loves your books and has sparked a new found interest in books. She has read to date;Jelly, A Storm of Strawberries (Noa’s little sister has Down’s Syndrome, a Springer Dog and an older step brother) and A Library of Lemons. She is currently reading Looking At The Stars but is sad at the thought she may be reading the last book in your range that has this many pages. Can you recommend any other books of yours? She is a very competent reader.
    Noa would really appreciate a reply.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hello, I’m so sorry this reply has taken a while! Hi, Noa! Have you read my three-book series ELECTRIGIRL? It’s a lot of fun and quite different from many of my other stories. I have written some other books this length but you won’t be able to find them in shops any more. However, you should be able to find them in your local library! If you have a look at you’ll see my series of six books SWEET HEARTS. Hopefully that should be enough to keep you going! But if you want to try some other authors too, I highly recommend Emma Carroll’s books, especially Letters from the Lighthouse, and Secrets of a Sun King. Happy reading! Jo x

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