That’s the Doctor Who theme music, by the way, just in case you didn’t recognise it. And it’s going round and round my head today because an advance copy of DOCTOR WHO: STAR TALES arrived at my house today – and I’m in it!

Yes – I’ve written an actual Doctor Who short story (well, it’s not that short, it’s about 11k I think, which is waaay over what it was meant to be) about the 13th Doctor meeting Albert Einstein! I asked if I could do Einstein because I’d read up quite a bit of his theories for my last book GEEKS CAN’T DANCE, and I wanted to do something about the man himself. (It turns out he wasn’t all that nice to the women in his life, which was a bit sigh-inducing.) My story has ghosts, dying children, murderous rats and marzipan, and I LOVED writing it!

It’s not out till 5th December, but that makes it the perfect Christmas present, right? 😁

And its arrival was a lovely end to a fab day at Raines Foundation school in Bethnal Green, where I got to hang out with Top Librarian Hero Bev Humphrey…

And I also treated three Year 8 groups to my walrus impression…

I’ve got a horrid cold, but nothing stops me doing the walrus!

Now I have the WordPress app on my phone, I have no excuse not to blog more often. Tomorrow I’m off to my old school Our Lady’s Abingdon, where I shall no doubt perform the walrus again…watch out, kids!


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