Handmade gifts for a new baby

My friend Shelley had a little boy last week, and I wanted to make something special for him. Back at university, there were five of us who were really good friends, and ALL of us have had two daughters! Shelley is the first one of us to produce a boy! (after her daughter, who is just three – happy birthday, Heidi!)

My eldest daughter J has a string of bunting on her wall with the letters of her name on the flags. A friend made it for her and it’s lovely. No one else will have the same thing (and that’s hard to do when there are sooo many toys and baby things around) so I thought I’d make something similar. I also wanted to give Shelley some sensibly-sized fleece blankets because they’re really handy to have around: they’re cosy and warm but light to carry and they wash really well (these things are important when you have a baby!).

So I went to the fabric shop (I could LIVE there) and bought some cotton for the bunting and a metre of soft fleece for the blankets.

Named bunting and fleece blankets
Named bunting and fleece blankets

I cut rectangles from the cotton and sewed them in pairs to make the flags. Rectangles are easier than triangles because you end up with a lot of wastage if you make triangles, and also they show off the letters better. Then I sewed the flags onto some coloured bias binding (bias binding is a sort of cotton ribbon and it holds its shape well)

His name is Marcus :-)
His name is Marcus 🙂

I printed off some letters from the computer and used them as a template to cut the letters out of some blue felt that I already had. It’s fiddly but worth it. I used WonderWeb to attach the felt letters to the flags. WonderWeb is brilliant stuff, like sticky-backed plastic for fabric, and it means you don’t have to sew things on, hurrah!

I cut the metre of fleece in half and turned the edges over all the way round. Then I machine sewed to hold it in place. I was particularly pleased with my corners (I handsewed them to tidy them up)

Neat corners!
Neat corners!

I hadn’t sewed fleece before like this but it was dead easy and the results are really nice. I might do it again for my sister-in-law, who is due with her first baby in January.

I was really pleased with the way everything turned out in this project, and it didn’t take as long as you might think. Now Shelley’s little boy will have a nursery decoration just for him – and some useful take-along blankets for every occasion!


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