Notebook Doodles – review

I’ve never reviewed a colouring book before. You know, of course, that colouring books for adults are HUGE at the moment (well, not literally, they’re usually sensibly-sized…oh dear, it’s been a long day. I need to unwind with some colouring…) and of course there are billions of colouring books for small children. But what about the kids in between? What about the ones (particularly girls) who still love felt-tip pens and doodling at the age of ten?

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Now there are some brand-new books out – and gosh, I really, really like them. And so does my 7-year-old daughter:


I said she could choose one colouring book to try out. She chose GO GIRL! – and I was secretly pleased that she’d chosen that one. Because the feminist in me hopes that she’s drawn to strong empowering words and not just flowers and fashion. Though then I had to eat my own hopes (can one do that?) when I flicked through the flowers and fashion books. Because on each double page spread there’s a doodle to be coloured, and some words of wisdom. And these words are FAB:




How amazing are those quotations? I’m MORE than happy for my daughter to read and absorb the messages contained here. The doodles themselves are lovely too:


In fact, these appeal to me more than the adult colouring books available at the moment (but maybe that’s because I’m still not quite grown up). They’re very good quality, and should keep any colouring enthusiast occupied for hours. The designs are by Jess Volinski and the publisher is Design Originals. To buy on Amazon (they’re £4.99 each), click on the jacket covers above. Highly recommended and would make great Christmas and birthday presents!


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