Real Kids Dress Up As Electrigirl

Ever since I became a children’s author, I’ve been aware of World Book Day. Especially aware that children dress up as characters from books. Other people’s books.

But NOT THIS YEAR! This year, for the first time EVER, kids have been dressing up as one of MY characters – and it is AWESOME! Here are just a few who have kindly sent me photos…



Electrigirl from Rye St A school 2016

Electrigirl from twitter 2016

THANK YOU to those parents and kids who made such amazing efforts (after all, Electrigirl doesn’t have a costume – yet!! – which means you’re free to interpret the style however you like). I really appreciate each and every picture – and if there are any more out there, do tweet them to me @jocotterillbook and I’ll add them to my blog!


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