Autumn update!

I’ve been terribly slack…but then, you see, I haven’t actually been writing! I KNOW. Shock, horror, etc.

Thing is, I got a bit tired out, and my creative drive dwindled, and there’s no point forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t come smoothly if you just need a bit of a rest. So instead, I have been taking lots of photos, because this is SUCH a beautiful time of year for colours and natural light…

I took all of the above on my Samsung Galaxy A6 and then edited them in Snapseed.

I’ve also taken up painting – will show you some of those another time! But I HAVE recently had some writing ideas, and it’s been nice to fiddle around with them a bit and see what might work. One of those ideas is being looked at by my publisher at the moment…so we’ll see what they think of it!

Happy autumn!


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