Having a Lovely Day

I look back at my last post in early March and laugh ironically. I was all ready to get going on new projects, buzzing with writing ideas, get back on track…and then lockdown happened. Since then, my kids have been at home with me and like everyone else I’ve had to find new ways to exist: my ‘normal’ life is no more, and it’s been hard to know what’s important, what isn’t, to look after two young people’s mental health and academic requirements – and how on earth to get food!

I’ve done barely any writing: I tried to get into a routine but failed miserably thanks to the demands of home-schooling and getting so little headspace. I’ve made lots of art though – discovered resin moulding which is fun and rewarding – and am working on an enormous crystal art picture which is excellent mindful therapy!

Lockdown has a huge mental impact on everyone, and if you’re a creative person, you might have found like me that your creative ability has been severely disrupted. General low-lying anxiety about the state of the country, relatives, kids, money all eats away at the energy needed to create.

Which is why I was really pleased to be able to contribute to a fantastic creative project organised by lovely bonkers talented author/musician Gareth P Jones. He got in touch with lots of children’s writers and illustrators and bookshop people and asked us to record the Bill Withers song ‘Lovely Day’. I contributed backing vocals, keyboard and flute parts, and you can see the final video below – it’s a lovely, uplifting, heartwarming pile of warm fuzzies and I hope it helps your day a little 🙂


3 thoughts on “Having a Lovely Day

  1. Hi Jo!
    I knew you were making this video, but now you’ve all made my determined-to-relax day into a LOVELY DAY!
    Fabulous! Hope I can share it…!

  2. Hi Jo, my daughter has written you a letter. Might you have an address we can send it to?

    In the interest of sharing my daughters reading interests, I too read Jelly and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a lovely way for my daughter to see the emotions, thoughts and experiences of someone similar to her age. Great read!
    Many thanks

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