Vote for my book!

Last year, Barrington Stoke (a small publisher) published my book LOVE BITES. Here it is – and you have to imagine that the grey bits are actually shiny silver. It’s a very beautiful cover when you see it with your own eyes!

Shiny silver! Not grey, silver!
Shiny silver! Not grey, silver!

Anyway, it’s a story about Grace and her boyfriend James. They are soo happy together, but Grace hasn’t told him something. Something that could put his life in danger…

All right, it’s a vampire story 😉 I suggested it to Barrington Stoke because I noticed they didn’t have any vampire stories on their list, and the books I write for them are specially for people who find reading difficult. I’d thought to myself, ‘What if someone wants to read Twilight but it’s too hard?’ I mean, Twilight is a biiiig book. So I wrote LOVE BITES, and I loved doing it! It was great fun to write something completely different from my usual style.

Well, what do you know but it’s been shortlisted for an award! And YOU can vote for it! Please, if you’ve got a minute (honestly, it won’t take any longer than that), vote for LOVE BITES on this link. And thank you very much! I won’t know for ages whether it’s won, but every single vote counts!


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