Comfort shopping – what do you buy?

I went to see the doctor yesterday, who took pity on me and gave me some penicillin for my frankly revolting throat. As I came out of the surgery, I realised I wanted something very particular to eat, and it wasn’t in my house. (Actually, two particular things: edemame bean salad, and jam doughnuts.) So I went to Sainsbury’s.

But the thing about shopping when you’re ill is that you decide you can treat yourself to all kinds of things you normally resist. I didn’t go mad, but this is what I bought that I really didn’t need…

Two nail varnishes, a bar of chocolate and a card-making magazine
Two nail varnishes, a bar of chocolate and a card-making magazine

How can a bar of chocolate contain cola, pretzel and honeycomb and still be edible? I didn’t know, and I still don’t know because I can’t quite bring myself to try it yet – but I will. A new chocolate experience is always welcome. I just have to get the knives out of my throat first.

I don’t know why I bought the card-making magazine. It’s always the same. They entice you in, and then you realise you can’t make ANY of the projects inside (despite having a large stash of craft materials) because they all require equipment that you simply DON’T HAVE. Like a die-cutting machine, for example. This is like a massive glorified paper punch. You feed paper in one side, and the machine magically cuts out intricate patterns for you – PLOMP – like that. I don’t have one. But even if I did, I’d STILL have to buy the right ‘dies’ to go INTO the machine to make the exact things in the magazine. And the dies are about £10 each. Who has the money for all of this?!

There’s a competition in the magazine to find a new designer. I’m tempted to enter, because it always annoys me that there aren’t the back-to-basics, use-your-own-skills projects any more. But I’m not sure I have the energy. And besides, I’m admiring my newly-painted purple nails, before I fall back into bed from exhaustion.

It got me thinking though. What do YOU buy when you’re feeling ill or depressed? What’s your weak spot?

(Oh, and I didn’t manage to buy edamame salad OR doughnuts. The first wasn’t available – shame on you, Sainsbury’s! – and I bought cream slices instead of the second. They were YUM.)


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