Bounding around at Bookfeast!

Yesterday I did an Electrigirl event for the fantastic Bookfeast festival, a four-day schools’ extravaganza here in Oxford, organised by the Bookfeast charity. Several schools brought children from Years 4 to 6, and I had a blast! Thanks to Hannah, OUP publicist, for the photos! And an extra big thank you to the organisers of Bookfeast, who ran everything so smoothly and made sure I was well looked-after.

My proudest moment came in the signing session afterwards (which was looong! Lots of children bought books!). A Y6 boy brought me a copy of The Deadly Swarm (book 2) to sign. After he’d gone, his teacher came up to whisper to me that she was over the moon that he’d bought a book ‘because he’s very anti-girl,’ she confided. ‘He won’t read books about girls, he thinks they’re stupid. I never expected him to buy a book today because the central character is a girl. This is a real step forward for him, so thank you.’

Two other teachers told me that the boys in their book club had initially been resistant to Electrigirl ‘because it’s got ‘girl’ in the title’ but that by the end of the first chapter, they too were clamouring to continue. This makes me very happy 🙂


Starting off my event with a quick introduction…
…which seems to involve a chicken impression.
Questions at the end
There’s never enough time to get through them all!

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