By the Light of the Moon – review

by-the-light-of-the-moonBy The Light of the Moon, by Tom Percival, is a beautiful, quirky, reassuring story. Ivan has moved house, and he’s finding it tough. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be, and it just doesn’t feel like home.

Until he looks up at the moon at night, and something shining comes whizzing down from the sky. This is the Moji, a friendly animal-type alien who can paint anything with moonlight. Together, Ivan and the Moji go on adventures together, and in the end, the Moji paints pictures to show Ivan how happy he can be in the new house.


It’s a slight, simple story but one with great power, amplified by the beautiful artwork, which captivated both my children (aged 8 and 4). I think they’d both like a Moji for Christmas! (Merchandising, Bloomsbury…?!)

By The Light Of The Moon is out on 6th October, published by Bloomsbury.




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