Win the chance to have your name in my next book!

Like many others, I’m frustrated and saddened by the stories of so many refugees stuck in camps, ignored by governments and battered by grief and the elements. My author pal Fiona Dunbar has set up a fantastic auction where you can bid on all kinds of amazing book-related things (not just for children!), and I am offering up a lot of my own.

My next book for Piccadilly Press will be called A STORM OF STRAWBERRIES, and is scheduled to be published in July 2017. If you win this lot, I’ll put the name of your choice into the book. I can’t promise what kind of character it will be, major or minor, but the name will definitely be there. And what’s more, I’ll make sure you get a chance to read the book BEFORE it’s published, either in an early proof copy or in manuscript form. AND when the book is published, I will personally post you a signed and dedicated copy along with a goody bag of strawberry-related gifts.

Bidding has already started, and I’d love to raise as much money as possible for these people who are JUST LIKE US only unluckier.

You can find my lot here: Jo Cotterill’s lot on Authors for Refugees

and you can find the home page for the site, with all its amazing items, here:


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