Waaaahh! Busy panic mode! LOADS of books coming!

What’s the time? How many minutes have I got before I have to go do the school run? Is it worth trying to squeeze in 500 words on my work-in-progress, or should I reply to the school librarian who’s just sent me an email about my visit next week? Or should I BLOG?!

Writing is WELL WEIRD, and this week it just got even weirder. I’m sort of used to not-quite-having-enough-work. I don’t mean I’m not busy, but I can’t usually plan very far ahead, book-wise. Contracts come one at a time, sometimes with long gaps in between. I’m always wondering what I should be working on alongside, so that I have something new to pitch when the current project ends.

Well, not right now. In the past three weeks, I’ve had three more books accepted. THREE! Cloud Nine? More like Cloud Nineteen! It’s so exciting; I’m working with seven publishers at the moment on a wide variety of books and I LOVE it!

BUT – eeekk! is also how I’m feeling. Because this is how my schedule currently looks for the next year. I have books publishing in…

August, October, January (two in this month), February, March (two in this month too), May, July

And there are another three scheduled after that too…! More details to come as publication days approach. Only two years ago, I was wondering if I even HAD a future in children’s publishing. I couldn’t seem to get anything accepted, and then last year my agent left, and it was all very discombobulating. But don’t give up, folks! You just never know what’s around the corner – it could be more work than you can handle 😉

Argh! School run in an hour! What am I still doing here?! Bye!

This is my 'I'm so happy to have so many contracts and am ALSO SLIGHTLY HYSTERICAL!' face
This is my ‘I’m so happy to have so many contracts and am ALSO SLIGHTLY HYSTERICAL!’ face

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