Writing reviews at Burford School

I went back to my favourite school today 🙂 (well, I have to say that because I’m their patron of reading, but actually, they ARE my favourites, so there!) and did a creative writing workshop on How To Write Reviews, for some handpicked Y7,8 and 9s. They were FAB. We looked at six completely different reviews for the same book, and then I explained some of the things they could discuss when they write reviews (plot, characterisation, whether it feels real/holds attention etc) and they wrote their own reviews in twenty minutes. Some of them were totally brilliant!

And then I had a tea party with some kids who’ve made great strides in their reading. A great thing to celebrate. I did a quiz, and it all got VERY noisy and out of hand 😉 but I kind of like things like that.

And here’s a pic of me and Lynne Cooper, the wonderful librarian, who is so supportive of me and the students. School librarians do such a fantastic job, and they’re not appreciated enough. We appreciate you!


PS. I am wearing new skirt, which I made from fabric I bought on ebay – couldn’t resist, since cassette tapes were my LIFE when I was a teenager!



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