Catching up…running on the spot again!

Oh, you know how it is. You mean to blog, and Stuff Happens, and then suddenly you’ve got to Do Other Stuff, and then before you know it another week has gone by and you still haven’t blogged…

I know. You know. We all know.

So, here’s a brief round-up of My Life in the past four weeks since I last blogged:

DSC_0080~2I went back to OUP for a publicity meeting about ELECTRIGIRL. Which was brilliant and I came away all fired up. And that reminds me, I still haven’t provided the team with my list of Awesome People I Know who might review the book, articles I could write for newspapers etc, ideas for the launch party etc etc. Must do that.

DSC_0111I went to London to meet with Cathy Brett and drink prosecco to celebrate our awesomeness as a team. We met some Minions in Leicester Square too!

DSC_0085~2I’ve made a superhero skirt for my Electrigirl events, and you should SEE the leggings I have to go with it…or actually, maybe you shouldn’t. The bright colour might actually cause damage to your eyes 😉

DSC_0075~2And I proofread the latest layouts for the book too, which look so utterly brilliant I still can’t quite believe my luck.

Something slightly very so exciting has also happened, which I can’t yet talk about but that’s sort of why I’m rather busy again…!

And I also met up with Piccadilly editors Brenda and Tilda to talk about the latest draft of A LIBRARY OF LEMONS (which is going to need another tweak – argh!) and to discuss maybe doing another book at some point…hurrah! So I’m Having Ideas, which I’ll need to whip into shape before submitting.

Oh, and I had a go at writing some sample material for an educational publisher, which was rejected but they were very nice about it and said they’ll ask me again in the future, so it can’t have been THAT bad…!

And next Sunday is my daughter’s birthday party and AAARGH I haven’t got round to organising anything yet apart from the guest list, and next week I’ve got a lovely event lined up at my favourite school Burford, followed by the OUP sales conference at which I need to be ELECTRIFYING! Er, so I’d better figure out what I’m doing at that too. Apart from wearing a costume.

Right – that’s quite enough of that! Oh – I’ve got two reviews to write too! Not enough hours in the day!!



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