Young Writers of the Future at Didcot Girls’ School

Yesterday I spent the morning at Didcot Girls’ School and had a WHALE of a time. First, I did my talk to the whole of Y7 in the hall, and then I did a lot of signing and chatting in the library at breaktime, and then I did a workshop with a Y7 group and WOW they were fantastic!

At the end of the session, we did a piece of creative writing called ‘The Secret’. The girls had to write a piece in first person, beginning with ‘I have a secret’ and ending ‘And that’s why I can’t tell anyone.’ They came up with some really brilliant stuff, and I promised I’d put the one I thought was the best on my blog here 🙂

But before I do, I wanted to share some of the blurbs they wrote to go with their pieces. How many of these stories would YOU like to read?

I am a special case. I am ‘disruptive’. Out of control. They all think I’m a troubled child, but if they knew the secret I was hiding, then everything would be different…

An ‘ordinary’ girl called Miya has a secret that she can’t tell. All is OK until her little sister Sophie overheads her writing aloud and tells everyone at school. How will Miya handle all the teasing? What will she do?

Ash Teronakor and her mum are werewolves. Running from hunters, hunting for food and shifting at night are only a few things that werewolves can do. But what happens when a young hunter sees Ash in full form? Will she kill him before her secret is out? Or will their unlikely friendship get in the way?

When Jamie finds out what really happened to his brother’s girlfriend, he enters a world where he is torn between what’s right and protecting his family. Find out what Jamie will decide in The Secret.

Aren’t they awesome? I am having REAL trouble deciding which story to put on my site. Watch this space…!

PS Emily Green, your story WAS good! And I did like it, lots! Believe in your writing 🙂


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