Winning piece LIBERATION by Megan Y7

OK, so this is the winning piece from my workshop yesterday at Didcot Girls’ School. And picking it was REALLY hard. I had three I could hardly choose between. But I chose this one because I do like a good dystopian novel, and this one is SO promising. I would definitely pick it up! Congrats Megan!


I have a secret. We didn’t always live this way.

We used to be free.

We used to have choices.

My name is Morgan. I have shoulder-length brown hair that shines in the sun. I also have bright blue eyes just like every other girl and woman. We are all the same. We show no emotion and give no signs of depression or pride. I feel emotions but mother tells me I must hide them behind a faint smile. Always.

Sometimes I feel at breaking point. I want to wear something different than a white top and a pair of jeans. I wish I could choose. There have been many rebellions over time: they all fail. We have lived this way for hundreds of years. No one remembers freedom, so how can we be free?

If I told anyone, I would be sentenced to prison for life. Just the same sentence for having emotions.

And that’s why I can’t tell anyone.


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