Peppermint Kiss (Rainbow Beauty) – review

Peppermint Kiss by Kelly McKain
Peppermint Kiss by Kelly McKain

I downloaded Kelly’s first Rainbow Beauty book – Peppermint Kiss – when it was on offer in the Kindle Store (it still is!), and I’m so glad I did! It’s the story of Abbie, the youngest of three sisters. Their dad has had an affair – and to make matters worse, he’s lost all their money too. So Abbie, Saff and Grace and their mum have moved down to Devon with only the things they could stuff in a suitcase, as their big posh house in London is repossessed and their previous way of life destroyed.

Abbie is the one that the rest of the family look to for strength. She’s good at keeping a cool head in a crisis, but sometimes she wishes that she could be allowed to fall apart too because being strong for other people is REALLY hard work. She’s not thrilled about starting a new school but luckily she meets some really nice friends, one of whom, Marco, is The One: the boy who makes her knees go weak and her head spin. But Marco has a bad reputation: he’s had a string of girlfriends and always seems to tire of them. Abbie is sure she can turn him around but Marco has a habit of letting people down…

Meanwhile, there’s a more pressing issue at home – money. Or rather, the lack of it. For the girls, who have always had pretty much everything they wanted, it’s a terrible shock. Suddenly they don’t even own a mobile phone! But Abbie has a passion for making cosmetics like moisturisers, bath bombs, hand creams, lip balms…and she’s got all her stuff with her. AND she has a brilliant idea: they’ll open a beauty salon! She designs the treatments and they all muck in and paint the shop downstairs, despite the stroppy unpleasant landlord.

This book sits very happily alongside my Sweet Hearts series. It’s happy and heart-warming and has a genuine affection for people and families and making things better for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of places where Abbie and her family find things very tough, and the on/off relationship with Marco provides plenty of ‘ouch’ moments too. But through it all you know that things WILL turn out OK, and they DO, and that’s why I finished the book with a happy sigh and a nice warm feeling inside. Well done, Kelly McKain, that’s what I say 😉 and I hope the series does REALLY well because it’s fab 🙂

There are two more books in the series: Strawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes and both are dead cheap on Kindle right now!

(On a side note, it reminded me of a Sweet Dreams book from the 80s in which a girl made her own cosmetics and nabbed a cute boyfriend on the side. I wonder if Kelly read it too?)


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