I love card-making. It all started in 2004 when I had just finished a theatre tour of The Borrowers. I went on holiday for two weeks to rest up (it was a looong tour and very hard work!) and while staying in this little bungalow, I bought a copy of Crafts Beautiful magazine – and that was it. I went out the next day and bought some really basic card-making materials: coloured card and paper, fancy scissors, glue, sticky tape – and began. Now I share my study with a wall of crafty items and I can never resist a craft shop!

I’ll do more photos of cards over time, but to start with, here’s a photo of a collection I made a few years back. I never like to make the same card twice!



2 thoughts on “Cards!

    1. Oh bless you, that’s so sweet! I love doing it, but it’s a very silly way of card-giving, because each one takes so long to do! It’s not actually the sticking and gluing that takes the time; it’s deciding what’s going to go where and all that. I think my cards are getting simpler as time goes by!

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