Creek and Sofa – when you have to REST

I’ve been Doing Lots over the past few months. And the trouble with Doing Lots is that sometimes you get Very Tired.

I am currently very tired – to the extent that a daily nap has had to become part of my routine – I know!! Me, the whirlwind of activity and…zzz. Recently *adopts fake West-Country accent* oi have mostly bin spendin’ moi toime watchin’ Jonathan Creek. And sleeping on the sofa.

Jonathan Creek, in case you haven’t come across it, is a series that ran on and off about a man who designs magic tricks and who ends up solving lots of murder mysteries (especially those of the locked-room sort). It’s like Midsomer Murders crossed with F/X – Murder By Illusion, and the episodes were mostly an hour long, and so it’s perfect exhaustion viewing. And Netflix currently has all the episodes ever made! My only complaint is that I appear to be down to my final episode…woe!

But there have been Other Things Happening, and I should have blogged about them too but I’ve been too tired. So here, in photos, is a quick round-up of Stuff I Have Done since returning from Germany:

Shrewsbury Bookfest – such a wonderful, wonderful occasion! An amazing shortlist for A Storm of Strawberries to be on, and all the authors were able to come! I didn’t win but it was SUCH a wonderful occasion. Many thanks to the amazing organisers, the teachers, staff and children involved, and to Aaron Child for the wonderful photos.

Authors at the ready! L-R Simone Lia, me, Emma Carroll, Ellie Irving, Kieran Larwood and Rob Lloyd Jones
Theatre Severn, and a LOT of excited children!
My turn to read from my book on the stage!
Congratulations to Kieran for winning with Podkin One-Ear!
CHOCOLATE TO TAKE HOME!! It’s nearly all gone now…

I have also…

…been for a nice walk in the sunshine and found a tree-lined avenue
…watched Eurovision with my children – this is my 6yo’s score sheet
…experimented with thread and ink to create lovely unusual pictures
…made some jelly tags out of felt to celebrate upcoming book JELLY
…bounced around in an Electrigirl event at the lovely Linton Children’s Book Festival near Cambridge

That’s it for now! Back to the sofa for another nap…




2 thoughts on “Creek and Sofa – when you have to REST

    1. Oh, how VERY lovely to hear from you!! I think of you too and wonder how you’re doing. And I still have your GMTV appearance on DVD! Sending much love, Jo xx

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