Last year was a tough one for me, and writing wasn’t easy to do, but perhaps there’s a grain of truth in the old adage about suffering creating great art because I am SO proud of this, my very next book, out in June:

Published by the fab team at Piccadilly Press, spearheaded by lovely editor Fliss Johnston, Jelly follows on from A Library of Lemons and A Storm of Strawberries, taking a look at another family with their own set of issues and worries, BUT it also contains poems and its own SONG which I’ve written and will share with you soon 😉

Things this book contains:

  • being overweight/body image/social expectations about girls’ appearance
  • a positive father figure
  • starting periods
  • a talent show
  • being funny
  • importance of friendships
  • hiding your real feelings/pretending to be someone you’re not/fitting in
  • cheeking teachers
  • who am I? being yourself (which one?)
  • music
  • poetry as a way of expressing stuff you can’t tell anyone
  • damaging grandparents
  • football
  • mental health
  • doughnuts

NB this book contains no jelly

Cover illustration by Sara Mulvanny and design by Anneka Sandher



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