An iPhone Photography Lesson

I love taking photos, as any visitor to this blog can see. On Saturday I went on a short course to learn how to use my iPhone camera more effectively. Sometimes it’s just not practical to lug around my lovely Canon DSLR, and I have been frustrated by the results on my iPhone from time to time. Kate Bishop, running the course, reminded us all of photography basics – rules of thirds, leading lines, use of light etc – and it’s always good to be reminded of those because speaking personally, I’d got into the habit of taking the same kind of photo a lot of the time.

We went out on a walk and were delighted to find a highly photogenic and obliging dog, not to mention trees, a church, walls, leaves etc. After the walk, Kate talked us through Snapseed, her favourite editing app, and you can see for yourself how filters and tools can make a good photo into a really stunning one…

This photo, of the church, is decent but not ‘wow’
After editing, it’s now ‘wow’
Nice close-up of a dandelion head…
Striking and atmospheric version of the same photo

There’s a lot to be said for the natural look, of course, and I’m not saying the edited photos are ‘better’ but I do like them more 🙂 Below are some others that I took, including one of my daughter learning to roller-skate – and they use perspective and angles and edits that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of, so I have no hesitation in recommending Kate’s courses to anyone who wants to know how to make more effective use of their phone camera!


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