Electrigirl and the Invisible Launch Party!

The third Electrigirl book is here! ELECTRIGIRL AND THE INVISIBLE THIEVES sees our three intrepid heroes, Holly, Joe and Imogen, facing a peculiar spate of thefts in their home town of Bluehaven. Someone is nicking small items from shops and playing pranks on people – in broad daylight! How are they getting away with it? Could it be that the thieves are…invisible?! (Spoiler: yes)

To celebrate the release of our third book together, Cathy Brett and I hosted a launch party last Friday at the wonderful Blackwells bookshop in Oxford. We had SUCH a good evening! I took along the city skyline I’d painted for my daughter’s superhero party in April, and we had some masks, capes, and photo booth props so that everyone there could have a go at dressing up! And I made a bazillion cupcakes with icing to match the book colours.

Cathy came as her alter ego, Electric Pencil!
The OUP team, L-R: Fraser, Gill, Hannah, Holly and Imy. Sadly Kathy our editor couldn’t be there – we missed you, Kathy!
With fellow author pals Julia Golding and Sally Nicholls

The book is dedicated to the daughter of Bill Moulford, a good friend who died two years ago and who tried to explain electricity to me when I was writing the first book (he was FAR too clever for me, being a rocket scientist!). Bill appears in the book as a super-clever doctor who creates an ‘electron stabiliser’ to help Holly control her powers.

This is me showing Bill’s wife and daughter the dedication in the book.

We really hope everyone enjoys the new book as much as we’ve loved working on it. I honestly think with every new book we get better and better – and I’m blown away by Cathy’s art work yet again! If you’ve read Electrigirl and the Invisible Thieves and enjoyed it, please do leave us a review on Amazon, because it makes such a difference to the number of people we can reach! (And we’d LOVE to do a Book 4, so we need to spread the Electrigirl word, folks!)


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