A Storm of Strawberries COVER REVEAL!

Publishing on 29th June, here’s the absolutely gorgeous cover for A STORM OF STRAWBERRIES! It’s been souped-up from the versions currently online (and we now have a really lovely quote from Miranda McKearney from EmpathyLab, which is such an honour) and I think the colours really zing! I can’t wait for this to be published – though of course I’m terrified people won’t like it as much as A LIBRARY OF LEMONS. Darby is a very different character from Calypso, and writing in her ‘voice’ was very challenging because she has Down’s Syndrome and so her brain doesn’t work in the same way mine does. But I’m really proud of the story because it covers a couple of Big Issues but it also has lots of very funny bits in it too. Huge thanks to Piccadilly Press and the fantastic design department for such a delicious cover!


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