Happy New Year! (all right, all right, a bit late)

So WHOOSH I guess that was the end of 2015 whizzing by! It has been MAD here. I’ve been working like crazy and then of course there was something called Christmas to sort out…

Christmas Day hat and hysteria
Christmas Day hat and hysteria

and now it’s 2016 and I am plunging back into work with barely time to draw breath. Which is GREAT, by the way! I love being busy! And 2016 looks set to be my busiest year yet! This is a little snippet of what’s coming up…

  • 4th February: ELECTRIGIRL is finally published!! Too much excitement for words
  • Also in February: I’ll be visiting six schools in Bury over two days (phew!) as well as events at Edward Feild School in Kidlington and Didcot Girls’ School in – well – Didcot
  • March: visits to Burford School and Rye St Antony, as well as Oxford Comic Con as a punter šŸ™‚
  • Sunday 3rd April: I’ll be appearing alongside my collaborator illustrator extraordinaire Cathy Brett at the Oxford Literary Festival, woop woop! You can buy tickets here
  • Saturday 23rd April: Cathy and I will be appearing at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. It’s not officially official yet, but since I’m one of the programmers of the children’s events (alongside my lovely pal John Dougherty) I think it’s really not a spoiler to say I’ll be doing an event!
  • 5th May: A LIBRARY OF LEMONS is finally published! And anyone who knows me will know how VERY RELIEVED I am that this is the case. Possibly the most drafts on a book EVER but everyone who’s read it so far has wept bucketloads, so I’m taking that as a good sign
  • August: ELECTRIGIRL AND THE DEADLY SWARM is published!
  • Autumn: PICTURE HIM, a new reluctant reader story with Ransom Publishing, is published. Also AS YOU LIKE IT, my retelling for Collins Big Cats

There may well be a couple more festivals in there too, and definitely more school events, so I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied! Right now, though, I’m working on two new books for A&C Black, to be published next year, and a possible new book for Piccadilly Press.

Better get on with it then! Happy New Year to you all! Byeee!


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