When I went on the telly

On Tuesday, I was on TV. Well, all right, I was on local TV. Which isn’t quite as grand as the BBC, but still it was my first time in front of the cameras, and although I knew roughly what to expect (I chaperoned a girl to BBC Breakfast back in 2007 – random fact), I had to tell myself very strictly not to wave my arms around too much. And I confess that it took me twenty minutes to decide what to wear.

It was a LOT of fun. I know others get very nervous about interviews, but I like them because I know I’ll be able to answer the questions. Talking about my own life and my own books is much easier than talking about topics I don’t know about! And when I watched it back afterwards, I was quite pleased. I still think I could do with reducing the number of ‘erm’s and I did get kind of arm-wavy towards the end when I was being passionate about stuff, but overall, I think it’s not bad for a first time 🙂

Many thanks to That’s Oxford TV for inviting me on, and for Alex for being such a lovely interviewer. And next time I might not choose a top that’s exactly the same colour as the sofa.


One thought on “When I went on the telly

  1. Great interview, Jo. I can empathise with so much of what you say. Didn’t notice the hand-waving. And just 20 minutes to choose your outfit – I’d say that was bordering on ‘nonchalant’!

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