Some R and R…

I like the sound of Rest and Recuperation. It feels as though it’s been a difficult couple of weeks – lots going on and illnesses galore too – not just me but the rest of the family. So I am VERY much looking forward to a couple of days with some other crazy writer people: the Scattered Authors.

The Scattered (or Scatty?) Authors in 2011, with me in the front
Some of the Scattered (or Scatty?) Authors in 2011, with me in the front

The Scattered Authors’ Society is a semi-organised group of children’s authors. I say ‘semi’ because we’re not a formal society: we don’t have committees and meetings and minutes and stuff like that. But we do have a Membership Secretary, and I run the website, and then during the year we have meet-ups and various people volunteer to organise those. Tomorrow I am off to Peterborough for our annual February conference (again, I use the word ‘conference’ in its loosest sense because it’s basically just us authors sitting around and chatting about different topics). There will be morale-boosting, support and encouragement, and wine. And Malorie Blackman!

The posh hotel I'm off to - and it has a swimming pool too!
The posh hotel I’m off to – and it has a swimming pool too!

Being an author is a very isolating job. It’s not something most people can do in an office, as it requires peace and quiet, so authors tend to spend a lot of their time alone. This has never bothered me because I like my own company 🙂 but it is LOVELY to meet up with people who do the same thing and share the same publishing world. It’s like a big extended family. And after a day or two with other authors, I always come home renewed in spirit 🙂

In other news, I sent a brand new story proposal to my agent yesterday. Hoping she likes it – fingers crossed!


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