When I Was Me – review

When I Was Me, by Hilary Freeman, is one of those books that makes you go ‘is it…? what the…? Oh, now I get it…no, I’m wrong again’ and I love an author who can keep you guessing. Ella wakes up one morning to discover that everything has changed. Well – not everything. She’s still apparently herself; … More When I Was Me – review


Camden Town Tales: The Celeb Next Door – review

Camden is the perfect location for this trilogy of stories by Hilary Freeman about three best friends. The Celeb Next Door (the other two are Stuck On Me and The Boy From France) is the story of Rosie , who is obsessed with her favourite band, Fieldstar. When she discovers that the band’s drummer, Rufus, has bought … More Camden Town Tales: The Celeb Next Door – review